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Driver or Passengger

salam..this is my 1st time to write in english...n 4 information, my english grammar are very don't expect too much in and high expectetion in my writing..hehe...

moving along throughout the world is not an easy pathway.

every single people have their own pathway with different story. Maybe sad, happy, tension and etc.each of us have their own precious time that have been passing with living them the precious experience, either we aware or not.

living in this world we born to lead or to be under the lead.,???

be the leader doesn't mean we have to hold a title in community, or a post in society, but for me

enough u have 'ahsan khuluqi' yakni a good example that we can admire that's is better than

having title but nothing people can see.

''actions speak loud than words"

from awwalun we were born we have been given choices. "Refer As-Syams:7-10"

a very sharp thinker maybe they will know the best path to choose..

if we know what were given to see the reward from He in a real form for people who been

driving other people to the right path for sure there is more driver than passenger.

no matter who we are, from where we come, what background, to be the best is what made who

we are.

juz ask urself, if we all out for ur DUNYA that's temporary what about our effort going through AKHIRAT that's last forver. logically to survive for lasting forever is more complex, n harder than to get temporary moment. a man..hehe..choice in ur a driver or pasengger..but, be careful if u want to be a

driver maksure the car and roads are the right way ya..and be a pasengger maksure the druver

is true driver...or not u'll be end like this..


husni said...

bapak ah teruk english hang

xpe2, cube lagi
adios bebeh.